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West Hills Martial Arts

We are here to provide an atmosphere for everyone with a desire to change and grow, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.  We are willing to change and grow with society’s needs in order to continue the evolution of martial arts.  We are here to be role models for our young generation.  We are here to be of service for all of our communities’ needs.  We strongly believe that martial arts, has the potential to permanently change people. Such change occurs in a gradual yet decisive way. In turn, the change creates new opportunities which force the student to think, be creative and continually strive for better solutions in all facets of their lives. We are not bound by any organization or religious beliefs. In fact, we respect them all. As such, we strive to train our mind and body to achieve a higher state of wellness and awareness that is not confined by any boundaries. This is Dragons Martial Arts goal.

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Martial Arts

More than any other sport, Martial Arts gives our children the chance to explore their innate powers. Marvel as they increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony.

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This program focuses on improving your childs listening and motor skills through Martial Arts. We Build Character!

 Martial Arts gives our children the chance to explore their innate powers. Change Happens Here!

 Learn how to be in control of your mind, body and emotions with the intent, direction and skill to “take care of business”.

Our Freestyle training builds exceptional strength, stamina, and discipline.


Happy West Hills Mom

There are so many things my family loves about Mr. Shervin. The most important to me is his amazing ability to meet each child at their own level with acceptance and encouragement while challenging them to rise to their very best. He develops a unique relationship with each student. He saw almost instantly who my child was, and what he needed in order to feel successful. Mr. Shervin provides a safe environment physically and emotionally while never coddling the kids. He has infinite patience, and a wonderful sense of humor. He truly has found his gift!