I am happy to write a review for this place, honestly, I am blown away. There is a reason why this place is so popular and seemingly getting more popular. It’s already difficult to find parking, if it continues to gain popularity, parents might have to start parking across the street! It’s a good problem to have!

I enrolled my daughter last week and she absolutely loves the experience. We signed her up for Martial Arts because while playing softball we struggled with her having a low frustration tolerance. Best decision we have made in a long while.

It’s only the beginning of her second week and we have already seen a dramatic difference in our daughter. Her memory and focus has increased, she’s very motivated to do her homework and assignments in school, she’s been extremely helpful with chores, and overall just a much better child! This place is a God send!

I wish I had been able to be a member of this center when I was kid. It’s a wonderful mix of discipline, focus, martial arts, and fun at the end.

Their prices are very reasonable, I think their focus is volume and growing the business. The environment is very warm and interesting. They adorn their walls with all sorts of interesting pictures from tournaments and events.

They are a model for a Martial Arts center. They have it right and we as a family are honored to be able to be part of the journey. Thank you!

David Trimble (1.31.2017)


This facility is outstanding. I prefer diamonds over stars. Mr. Shervin is an exceptional instructor. We have trained with him for 10 years. I recommend this studio for children and adults. Thank you Mr. Shervin.

Tiffany L. (7.11.2016)

My son has been going here for almost 2 years. Followed them from the old studio in woodland hills to the new (and awesome) studio location. I can’t wait till my other son is old enough to join.

Ofer S. (3.6.2016)

We celebrated my son birthday at Mr. Shervin and he’s  family gym. I like to warmly recommend it, Mr. Shervin is a worm guy and possess real teacher spirit. The gym looks perfect and safe. Very professional will return :)

Geremy Moen (8.31.2015)

My son has been training here for 5 years now and this studio is fantastic! Mr. Shervin and his team of instructors are top notch and teach not only Martial Arts but life lessons. The students and instructors at Dragons Martial Arts are like an extension of our family. I love this studio and my son has had great experience here.

Tyler Lee (Jul.29.2014)

My first class with Mr. Shervin was almost 20 years ago. Since then, Mr. Shervin has been family to me. During those years, I would take classes for a period of time and then life would get in the way forcing me to take a break. No matter what, Mr. Shervin has always supported me and welcomed me back to the mat. Hands down, Mr. Shervin is the reason why I keep coming back to martial arts. He has an unparalleled passion for the arts and for his students. He cares about his students and their families on the mat and off the mat. He cares for his classes as a group and loves his students individually. He sees the strength and potential inside all of his students long before they realize their own potential. He has confidence in his students and pushes all to dig deep and realize their potential. As a teacher, there is a lot I can learn from Mr. Shervin. His passion is motivating, his love for others is remarkable, and his zest for life is inspiring. Whether I am on the mat or not, it is comforting to know that I will always have the love and support of a great friend, Mr. Shervin.

 Gail Hynick (Feb.25.2014)

Hello Mr. Shervin……I so agree with you! Sunday’s event was fabulous! I will never forget that it all happened because of YOU! There is always one person leading the way for others! That person has been YOU….and not only for CATS but for many other causes that touch your life! We will always be grateful to you for opening your heart to CATS………through your efforts, the perfect opportunity was created to promote shared responsibility to prevent abuse that robs children of their innocence! I especially LOVED seeing the ladies of your family! Your wife is warm and wonderful and together you both have passed along these qualities to your lovely daughters! Your children already follow in your footsteps and were so eager to help out at the event! I loved seeing how grown up and beautiful they both are! You have much to be proud of out for the afternoon with those three by your side! As always, my deepest appreciation…may the good you do for others be returned to you and your family in many ways! Thanks for being such a blessing to CATS and to me personally!

 Amber Wagner (March.7.2013)

Hands down, the best Martial Arts studio around!!!! Mr. Shervin and the entire team and staff at DMA are phenomenal, dedicated, talented, loving and wonderful!! The classes are tough and challenging but always fun and filled with positivity. I could go on forever about this place and the teachers! Best decision I’ve ever made for my daughter!

Gail Hynick (August.1.2012)

Thank you so very much for hosting our Team Captain Appreciation Luncheon today….your place was just perfect for our event and it was such a pleasure to work with you!  We truly want you to know how much we appreciate your opening up your heart…. and your studio…. to us so that we could create such a very successful event! Your spirit of doing good for others is part of what makes you the inspirational coach that you are, Mr.Shervin.   All you do to support and promote CATS is truly a blessing to us and to those we serve!  We will always be grateful to you for endorsing CATS and for sharing our program with others you know!

Jonny Wolfe & Family (April.22.2012)

Hi Mr. Shervin, Wow…what a day!  Thank you (and everyone on your team) for the amazing celebration.  The minute we walked into the studio you could feel the high energy and it never let down. All the hard work of planning, preparation, and then providing the celebration was obvious.  The generosity of the DMA families was also obvious.  Under your leadership everyone wanted to be a part of this day, whether it was the donation of raffle prizes, donations/bidding at the auction, activities on the patio, and donation of refreshments.It also became a very emotional day.  There was lots of laughter with some of the demos and many moments of being in awe with other demos.  Then came the warm and lovely feeling you shared as you honored the many people that surround you.Thank you again for the wonderful day.

Michael & Gabriela Santiago (12-04-2011)

Dragon Martial Arts has been a great inspiration for Sebastian! He loves all the instructors and Mrs. Clelia!!! At home there is no more time out. He has learned displine from going to his classes in such a short time. He’s a great help around th…e house and cleans after himself. If ever in need of displine we tell him we will call Mr. Shervin and let him know he’s not being a good listener and he immediately says I’m sorry I will be a good listener. Thank you everyone at Dragon Martial Art for everything you are!!!! YAY, our son passed his test!!!

Marla Comins

Dear Mr. Shervin, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent guidance and confidence building you instill in the DMA kids. I am happy to report that in such a short time, Brandon in the last couple of weeks, has stood up for himself and used different techniques, learned from your classes, to handle several situations where he was being bullied. Today, after a kid on the bus got physical with him, he let the kid know it wasn’t o.k to touch him in a physical way back (which he never would have done before taking your classes) and the kid ran to the bus driver crying. I am both proud and thrilled. I think he is too. I think Brandon’s days of being the bully magnet will soon be over.

Sarah Keane

Dear Mr. Shervin, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for my family and for me personally. Martial arts has been a part of my boys lives for six years now. In that time you have helped Josh and I teach them respect, dedication, honesty, friendship and love. You have enriched their lives, and their little sister’s as well, not simply by teaching them kicks and punches, but by instructing them in the martial way. Your gift with children is well known and real; we feel blessed that we have seen first hand what an amazingly positive impact you have on the attitudes and lives of the chilldren in your program. I also wanted to tell you that I will NEVER be able to thank you for bringing me on the mat to train with you. I could never explain in a simple letter the depth of what martial arts has done for my life. From my very first class I knew I was hooked. You have introduced me to a world that has sparked a passion and inspired me to learn and grow each day. You have helped me work through several serious injuries… ones that almost broke my spirit. Your encouragement, prodding, tough love and understanding taught me to perservere no matter what. Life may throw us obstacles, it inevitably will. You reminded me that HOW we handle those obstacles determines the course of our lives. Both Josh and I can not speak highly enough of your program or you as an instructor. Every class is unique, each day a new challenge. As a family we are enriched by training together as well as by the messages you instill in us. Thank you for ALL that you do and ALL that you give to us. OSU!

Bria Didszun

Mr. Shervin has been my son’s instructor for the past 6 years. Besides absolutely loving what he does, he’s amazing with kids as little as 3 years old, all the way to adults, women and men alike. I’ve watched his classes grow from a small little studio into this large studio that he currently occupies. The volume of students has has amassed is a testament to his incredible teaching. He has watched my own child grow and become respectful, responsible, appreciative and thoughtful, as he has taught other children to be as well. Mr. Shervin gives free womens’ self defense classes on weekends each year, this year suffering a broken nose at the hands of one woman but continued the class, giving his own body for us to use and practice our defensive skills. Mr. Shervin highly encourages donations of holiday toys to be given to sick children at the Childrens’ Hospital, participates each spring in a fundraiser for a Rape Treatment Center at the Northridge Hospital including a special performance by he and some of his students, and encourages donations by children by offering a free year of karate classes to the child who raises over $1,000 for the Rape Treatment Center, donates his own money and time to other charities, and gives back to the community way more than ever gets, exemplifying the true spirit of what he teaches. Not to mention he is a fabulous father of 3, with his children attending most classes and his wife working at his studio as well.

Deyanira “Deya” Sanchez

Dearest Mr. Shervin,

This letter has been way over due but I just want to let you you the amazing impact that you have had on my two children Sasha and Alex. They respect and look up to you. I admit that when my everyday behavior management doesn’t work, I ask if Mr. Shervin would approve of what they are doing. And you know, it always works! They also look up to the kids in demo team, please let them know that as a parent I am sooo thankful that they take time to make the kids feel special, even when they are not on the mat. Now all Sasha and Alex talk about is growing up to be in demo team! I am currently in pediatric dentistry residency and I have to tell you that I take a lot of what I see on the mat and use it when I work. I particularly enjoy watching your parent management! Win, win, everybody learns! Thank you all for your hard work! Happy holidays!!!!!!!

The Mills Family

February 6, 2008 Dear Shervin, Dragon Martial Arts Studio is an amazing addition to my family’s life. Maddy has been attending your studio since July 2007 and all I hear is how she wishes that the sessions were longer. Her enthusiasm for learning more about karate and her desire to achieve the technical skills required for the next color belt makes me and Matt so proud. This of course can only be attributed by you and your incredible staff. So, when you announced that there would be a kickboxing course available to women, starting in October 2007, I immediately joined. I joined for the simple reason that I wanted to gain muscle tone and to get into better shape. The kickboxing course has given me faster and better results than when I spent thousands of dollars on a private trainer and an expensive gym membership. I never knew that kickboxing could be so challenging, painful, results oriented and fun. DMA is a step above all other studios because you not only offer physical and mental challenges into every session, but this is accomplished with such passion, positive reinforcement, discipline, respect and again fun. What more could we ask for. Thank you DMA Studio for all you do for me, Maddy, and soon Hannah and Matt. Sincerely, The Mills Family(Matt, Jennifer, Hannah & Maddy)

Leah Weinberg

My children have been with Mr. Shervin and Little Dragons Karate for 2 1/2 years. I have the highest respect for the LDK program and their caring instructors. While my children thought they were only earning new belts, they were really developing confidence in their abilities and improving their self esteem. They have learned respect for the LDK instructors, their classmates and for themselves. But most of all, my children have fun and can’t wait to go to karate class. I highly recommend the Little Dragons Karate program to other families.

Sandy Gordon

“I would like to Thank Mr. Shervin of Little Dragons Karate for all the great instruction and discipline he has provided through his work with my two sons, Brandon and Jacob. Mr. Shervin has a gentle and nurturing way with the children that both the students and parents appreciate and respond to. The Little Dragons classes prepare the children for the Junior program they will eventually graduate into. From our personal experience Mr. Shervin’s Little Dragons provide the children with discipline, coordination, accountability and responsibility. Mr. Shervin runs a disciplined class in the 30 minutes the children are with him “.

Robbi Wiles

“I would like to thank Mr. Shervin for all the wonderful instuction and care he has provided my daughters and I for the past 7 years. Both my daughters, Breana and Savanah are now Black Belts and Mr. Shervin has been instrumental in their journies. From Breana’s introduction as a white belt when she was 4 years old up to the private lessons that she is taking with him currently to prepare her for her second degree, Mr. Shervin has maintained a professional, yet caring, attitude. He is always concerned with their progress, both in and out of the studio. My daughters feel confident and look forward to the time that they spend
learning from Mr. Shervin and respect him tremendously. They are very motivated by his instruction. Above all, we know that he respects us and does all that he can to instill self-confidence and pride in my girls. I highly recommend both the Little Dragons program and private lessons with Mr. Shervin”.

The Friedman Family

Hi Mr. Shervin, I just wanted to let you know that our family has watched the footage of Julian’s mentor day almost every day since you gave it to us. Julian is so proud of it and has shared it with his grandparents and several friends. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such an impact on our little boy’s life. He is so confident and so proud of himself and what he has already achieved in your program. He has grown so much in every capacity in his life, but I truly believe you have helped to instill really important values into his life. It is hard to believe he is already testing for his black stripe because it seems like we just started not too long ago. He has grown a lot with you and your team and we see this even more now with the way he tries to help Liam practice at home (it’s priceless) and how he is always sticking around after class to cheer everyone on in the next class. He takes a lot of pride in being a part of your studio and I am very grateful for what you and your team do for him and all of the kids in your classes. But most of all, I had to let you know that the mentor day was an overwhelming and amazing experience for Julian. You made him feel so important and I know it is a great memory for him. I know he has truly been touched by the fact that you took a whole day out just for him. You made his day and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. Thank you so much!

With Every Good Wish, Karen Friedman

Alessandra Forte

This letter is written for all the women that are thinking about doing something for themselves. Well, I have the answer for you, Women’s Self Defense at Dragons Martial Arts. Classes are given by Mr. Shervin. I can’t say enough for all the good that I feel, inside and out. It is so rejuvenating and gives me so much energy, strength, will power, & a big stress reliever. Mr. Shervin has so much stamina and greatness that it rubs off of him and on to you. He is such a powerful, energetic, determined phenomenal person that it’s makes you feel great to know that you will have that person pushing you and telling you that “YOU CAN DO IT”. I recommend this class for all women! It’s just 1 hour, 2 times a week and you will feel sensational. You will feel the increase of energy you will have, and you get stronger and stronger, week by week. Not only do you do all the great exercises to make you stronger but another good thing is that you also learn how to protect yourself in case of an attacker.

So don’t hold off any longer and join us “YOU CAN DO IT”.

Sincerely, Alessandra Forte (P.s. I lost 15lbs. since I started in Sept. 07)

Brenna Gibson Redpath

There are so many things my family loves about Mr Shervin. The most important to me is his amazing ability to meet each child at their own level with acceptance and encouragement while challenging them to rise to their very best. He develops a unique relationship with each student. He saw almost instantly who my child was, and what he needed in order to feel successful. Mr. Shervin provides a safe environment physically and emotionally while never coddling the kids. He has infinite patience, and a wonderful sense of humor. He truly has found his gift.