Philosophy & Mission

DMA Philosophy

We strive to achieve the highest level of awareness through constant physical and mental training to bring peacefulness within ourselves and our environment. Through this path we learn how to harmonize our mind as well as our body to control any situation in a non-violent way. However, when the situation dictates no other way to resolve itself, we shall solve the opportunity using the least amount of force to get the most amount of result.

DMA Mission

We are here to provide an atmosphere for everyone with a desire to change and grow, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional.  We are willing to change and grow with society’s needs in order to continue the evolution of martial arts.  We are here to be role models for our young generation.  We are here to be of service for all of our communities’ needs.  We strongly believe that martial arts, has the potential to permanently change people. Such change occurs in a gradual yet decisive way. In turn, the change creates new opportunities which force the student to think, be creative and continually strive for better solutions in all facets of their lives. We are not bound by any organization or religious beliefs. In fact, we respect them all. As such, we strive to train our mind and body to achieve a higher state of wellness and awareness that is not confined by any boundaries. This is Dragons Martial Arts goal.